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Rearmament of Georgia on the eve of the war in South Ossetia paid Chubais

In August 2008, during the armed conflict in South Ossetia, according to Deputy Chief of General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn, killed 74 Russian soldiers, and 171 were injured. The exact number of

6 August 2012

Chichvarkin apologized to Georgia for the shop “Euroset” in Tskhinvali would like to Putin

Founder of “Euroset” Chichvarkin apologized to Georgia for the store opening of Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, whose independence was recognized by Russia after the 2008 war.

“You know, I

15 November 2011

Patrick Buchanan - author of “Churchill, Hitler and the unnecessary war”: Why do we tease the bear?

Is the Senate is trying to revive the Cold War?

If so, he does everything right in this regard. Before leaving on the five-week vacation Senate voted for the declaration of Abkhazia and South

29 August 2011

After the 2008 war in South Ossetia Russia USA predicted the fate of North Korea

WikiLeaks published a dispatch of U.S. Ambassador John Byerly. “Forcing Georgia to peace” has caused understandable anger the United States. Americans sincerely hoped that in response to the bold

5 March 2011

While in Europe rallies support for South Ossetia, the Georgian president went to establish relations with Latin American countries

While in Europe, held rally in support of South Ossetia, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili went to visit Colombia to build relationships with Latin American countries in order to avoid possible

8 August 2010

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