Tbilisi burned tape wreath laid Slovak delegation, confusing the Russian

In the center of Tbilisi at the parliament building, where on the night of April 9, gathered several dozen representatives of political parties and the public on the occasion of the 25th anniversary

9 April 2014

The protest caused by television spots “Imedi”, held in Tbilisi

Well-known human rights activists, opposition members and community leaders gathered on Sunday at a protest rally in Tbilisi, to express outrage at the plot of the TV company “Imedi” about the

14 March 2010

The suppression of a rally in Tbilisi on 9 April 1989. Help

9 April 1989 was the rigid suppression of a rally in Tbilisi by the Soviet Army.
In late March - early April 1989 in Georgia was a serious aggravation of the political situation with regard to developments in

9 April 2009

In Georgia, began an act of civil disobedience

About 15 thousand people of the United Georgian opposition gathered for a rally in Tbilisi …

13 January 2008

In Tbilisi has thousands rally in support of Levan Gachechiladze

At the center of Tbilisi on an area of Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon took …

6 January 2008