Conflict, ossetia

The effects of the bombing of Georgian Ossetian civilians

LJ community georgia_war: to bring photos of the destroyed Tskhinvali to the western man in …

16 August 2008

Avtraliya denied Georgia in military aid

“Georgia has appealed to several countries to consider the possibility of military assistance. Australia officially …

13 August 2008

The Hague tribunal VSETAKI took action against Georgia, Russia

The International Court of Justice in The Hague took up the claim of Georgia against …

13 August 2008

Russia and Georgia have agreed not to use air power

Georgia and Russia have agreed not to use air power in the conflict zone. Agreement …

11 August 2008

Refugees are placed in the Volgograd region

220 women and children removed from the area of conflict in South Ossetia, intends to …

9 August 2008

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