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The head of the Foreign Ministry of Great Britain David Miliband: “I will not say anything more, but it’s not true that he called me” dolbanym “and so on, it’s not true”

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband in an interview with the BBC denied rumors that Russian …

16 September 2008

Interviews Saakashvili, “Financial Times”: “Georgia - prozapadnaya country, but it has internal conflicts. In the opinion of Russia, it is ideal for exemplary punishment. “

- The Georgian military were not ready for war? - No European country would be …

26 August 2008

Abkhazia and South Ossetia could join the Union State of Russia and Belarus

“The leaders of the unrecognized republics declared their desire to join the Union State, and …

26 August 2008

TU-160 flew to bomb Georgia?

Yesterday morning awoke to loud and protyazhnogo Gul … …

10 August 2008

Journalist detained in Abkhazia could cause a new military conflict with Georgia

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in the form of ultimatum demanded that the Abkhaz authorities to …

27 February 2008

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