U.S. will not supply weapons to Georgia - Pentagon

The U.S. does not carry out military supplies arms, ammunition and military equipment to Georgia, RIA Novosti said the representative of the U.S. military, Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Hitner. “All cargo that the U.S. supplied to Georgia at the moment are purely humanitarian. No weapons and military equipment to Georgia USA does not supply “, - said Hitner. In some media referring to diplomatic sources has informed that the USA are preparing the transfer of arms and ammunition by air from Germany. Hitner denied such reports.

21 August 2008 | pentagon, usa, weapons

In South Ossetia killed 64 soldiers - is at 10 less than previously reported. 323 soldiers were wounded
USA and Poland said a deal on missile defense Georgian wine

• Revealed a scheme of money laundering in the supply of arms from Ukraine to Georgia »»»
KIEV, November 11 - RIA Novosti. Temporary Commission of the Parliament of Ukraine to investigate the facts of illegal arms supplies to Georgia has identified significant financial irregularities in the export of weapons, said on Tuesday at a press conference committee deputy chairman Valery Konovalyuk.
• Medvedev banned arms shipments to Georgia »»»
“Federal executive authorities, public corporations, the unitary enterprises, other legal entities formed under the laws of the Russian Federation.
• Head of Commission XB: Kiev supplied Georgia offensive weapon »»»
Ukraine has a moral responsibility for what happened in the South Caucasus, for its equipment and arms have killed civilians and Russian peacekeepers.
• Special forces of Russia: Georgia U.S. offered weapons and ammunition for $ 100 million »»»
U.S. response to Georgia's request for military assistance offered the country a large quantity of weapons and military equipment.
• In Thailand, the Georgian arrested airliner Il-76, loaded with 35 tons of weapons from North Korea »»»
Thailand detained a cargo plane, registered in Georgia and was carrying a cargo of weapons.