FSB warned of preparing terrorist attacks by Georgian special services in Russia

The FSC has operational information on the preparation of terrorist acts by Georgian special services in the territory of Russia. Will reinforce the protection of public authorities, transport facilities, industry, energy, life and places of mass gathering.

19 August 2008 | act of terrorism, federal security service, russia

Russia to resolve the conflict in South Ossetia with wisdom and beautiful - Lukashenko
Report from Gori - Roman Dobrokhotov (Novye Izvestia)

• Operational update: Georgia is preparing for the transfer of subversive group in Dagestan »»»
Interfax reported (!): FSB of Russia in Dagestan has operational information on the preparation of the territory of Georgia.
• Georgia is preparing terrorist attacks during the parliamentary election in South Ossetia - Statement by Belarus KGB »»»
Georgia is preparing a subversive and terrorist acts in the territory of South Ossetia.
• Georgia is ready to resort to terror against Russia »»»
In situations where limited (despite all the technological makeup of the West).
• Patrushev did not rule out "Georgian traces" in the Moscow bombings »»»
In the investigation of terrorist attacks in the Moscow subway on March 29 may receive the “Georgian traces”.
• La Géorgie est en train de préparer des attaques terroristes pendant les élections parlementaires de l'Ossétie du Sud - Déclaration par le Bélarus KGB »»»
La Géorgie est la préparation d'un des actes subversifs et terroristes sur le territoire de l'Ossétie du Sud.