The Guardian discovered in South Ossetia Georgian hostages

The British newspaper The Guardian on 18 August reported that the authorities of South Ossetia hold hostage in Tskhinvali at least 130 Georgian citizens. According to the publication of all hostages held in one room, about half of them - women, among them is 12-year-old girl. Journalists suggest that intend to exchange the hostages for the Ossetians, captured by Georgian forces. The Guardian quoted unnamed representative of Georgia, who expressed hope for a quick exchange. Almost all the hostages were citizens of Georgia to come to Tskhinvali to work, they were all arrested on the streets of the city. The publication also quoted a statement by a representative of Georgian authorities, who said that in the course of the hostage situation, but the Georgian side has no Ossetians, who could be exchanged for the citizens of Georgia. However, the authorities of South Ossetia claimed that the Georgian military had abducted at least 500 civilians. Georgian troops attacked the Tskhinvali on August 7. The number of victims among the civilian population of South Ossetia estimate of 1600 people.

18 August 2008 | hostage, south ossetia, the guardian, tskhinvali, war

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• Georgian troops are deliberately fire on a permanent place of deployment of Russian peacekeepers in Tskhinvali »»»
Among the peacekeepers in South Ossetia have killed and wounded.
• Famous Georgian journalist seeks asylum in Switzerland, to dosnyat film about the August war in the Caucasus »»»
Well-known journalist in Georgia, the head of the studio “Reporter” Vakhtang Komakhidze requested political asylum to the Swiss authorities, Interfax reported.
• Kusturica frightened Georgia »»»
The Georgian authorities alarmed desire Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica film about the events in South Ossetia.
• Residents of Tskhinvali with passports in the hands of the Russian Federation are requested to Moscow to help: "If uspeete." MES ready, but waiting for the decree "on top" »»»
Residents of Tskhinvali requested the leadership of Russia on relief, said the State Committee on Information and Press unrecognized republic of South Ossetia.
• Georgia has filed new charges against South Ossetia »»»
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, South Ossetia accused in the abduction of its citizens.