Abkhazia accused Georgian authorities of terror against the Russian-speaking population of Zugdidi

Polpred president of Abkhazia in the Gali district Ruslan Kishmariya said that disguised in civilian clothes, Georgian police “terrorized peaceful Russian-speaking population in the city of Zugdidi.” Kishmariya argues that the Russians driven from their homes and were forced to leave Abkhazia, said Interfax.

14 August 2008 | abkhazia, terror

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• The situation in the abhazo-Georgian border has deteriorated again »»»
On Monday morning in western Georgia, two Georgian policemen wounded in anti-tank mine explosion on a bridge near the village of Hurcha Zugdidi district, transmits Interfax with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
• 2500 Abkhaz reservists took up arms in preparation to aggravate with Georgia »»»
On Friday in Abkhazia began teaching the armed forces of the unrecognized republic in which the planned live-fire.
• Journalist detained in Abkhazia could cause a new military conflict with Georgia »»»
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in the form of ultimatum demanded that the Abkhaz authorities to release the journalist of “Mze” Malkhaz Basilaya detained on Tuesday in the Gali district.
• Sergei Bagapsh: Agreed arrangements with Tbilisi does not exist »»»
Abkhaz President Sergei Bagapsh said that no agreement with Georgia on the peaceful settlement of the conflict there.
• Nogovitsyn: Georgia is preparing to attack Abkhazia »»»
Georgia is preparing to attack Abkhazia to capture Sukhumi. The company on Monday, Deputy Chief of General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn.