Saakashvili afraid of their own tanks

Georgia denied the information about taking Gori Russian troops. Georgian president also said that a column of tanks, observed near Tbilisi, the Georgian and has been moving towards Gori. The Russian military also confirmed this information, stating that the Russian troops either in Gori, or close to the Tbilisi does not.

12 August 2008 | mishiko

Broken into the site of Georgian Parliament
Avtraliya denied Georgia in military aid

• Tanks at Tbilisi! »»»
The convoy of 60 Russian armored vehicles, which included tanks, armored personnel carriers and trucks were seen 10 kilometers from Gori and moving in the direction of Tbilisi.
• In Tskhinvali claim to a Georgian military convoy near the border with South Ossetia »»»
This Interfax, in particular, said South Ossetian presidential envoy on post-conflict settlement Boris Chochiyev.
• Georgia confirmed the start of the withdrawal of Russian troops »»»
Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia, Alexander Lomaia confirmed that Russia began withdrawing its troops from Gori in the east.
• Georgia withdrew from the charges of rebellion in Russia »»»
Georgia withdrew its earlier statement that a rebellion of military personnel based Muhrovani involves Russia, writes The Times, citing a source close to the President of Georgia.
• Georgian Foreign Ministry accuses Russia of "capture of new territories." Saakashvili said that he does not want a new armed conflict »»»
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on Sunday issued a new indictment against the Russian military.