In Georgia, a meeting was held for the deployment of Russian troops

Rally for accommodation in Georgia of the Russian military was held on Thursday in the center of East Georgia - in Telavi on the initiative of the organization “Socialist Georgia”, the correspondent of the newspaper LOOK in Tbilisi.

The head of the organization Valeri Kvaratskhelia, who is a well-known journalist and at one time was the press secretary of ex-president Eduard Shevardnadze and a member of parliament, said that Georgia was conducting an aggressive policy towards Russia harms their own interests.

“We need to restore a Russian diplomatic, economic, cultural relations, it is necessary to completely change our policy,” - he said.

“We are aggressive in relation to Russia, and it will be hostile to us,” - said Valeri Kvaratskhelia.

He criticized “the intention of the authorities to place in Georgia, the US military base.”

Parallel to this action in Telavi picket the opponents of the pro-Russian orientation of Georgian socialists. On one of its members, a Georgian journalist, was T-shirts with offensive words addressed to the President of Russia. One of the members of the “Socialist of Georgia”, when he was approached by the journalist who publicly slapped it in the face.

In June, the constituent congress of the “Socialist of Georgia.” “Salvation of Georgia - in friendship with Russia” - the motto he was in Gori.

“The Fatherland is in danger, we need to be together with the fraternal Russia”, - said at the time the participants of the forum, which was held at the birthplace of Stalin in the cinema “Victory”.

4 August 2016

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