Estonian President: Moscow threats and blackmail made brekzita and “freezing” Admission of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO

To mark the start of the NATO summit in Warsaw, President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves gave an interview with The New Times, in which accused Russia that it, through its media tends to destroy the unity of the European Union.


Remembering the recent British referendum on self-determination, Ilves said: “I was sitting up late, expecting the final results, knowing that all is not where I would like to why I did not wake up with this idea, and went to sleep with her:.” It’s all the same wrong! “Now there is a kind of” putinization “media space when the facts can not be relied upon. for example, exit the supporters of the EU strongly about some of more than 320 million pounds, which leave every week to Brussels. And when they are asked, where such information and that it is for the money, they say, “Oh, that’s not true. We do not say. “You lose all sense of the information. It is believed that this is possible only in authoritarian states. It now appears that this is possible and in a democratic society. It is possible to lie, lie, lie. And then another and lie, you lied “.

Ilves added that he was not referring specifically Putin. “Okay, let’s invent a new term:”. Surkovizatsiya “media The problem is that in liberal democracies such as the US, UK and even Estonia, lie worked in the past it was thought, and that the Bible says that the truth makes one. free, but now you can lie without consequences even in my small country, ministers have lost their job, if it turned out that they lie And now no one will lose their jobs because of the lie, “-… complained Ilves.

In his opinion, the chance that the United Kingdom still change his mind out of the EU, is absent. . “Not now impossible to say now:” Whoops, that was a mistake, “These are the terms of the transaction, which negotiate this government Kindly accept its terms with Britain leaving the EU is becoming less free-market supporters of free trade, freedom of choice of the European Union for sure…. will become more focused on economic governance It will definitely be more, “-. said the president of Estonia.

According to him, it is not concerned about the issue of non-citizens residing in Estonia. “Today it is not. We have nothing to worry about. If you check the difference in income on the same side of the river Narva, the Estonian town of Narva pension grandmother higher than the average salary in Ivangorod on the other side of the river. Estonian Russian are free to travel in the European Union, including non-citizens, while Russian citizens after the appearance of “polite green men” in the Crimea and the events in Ukraine may forget about the dream to travel to the EU without visas. Now this list has been added and clashes in Marseille ” - Toomas Hendrik Ilves said. He fell on Russian television, which allegedly sets Estonian Russian against the State of residence: “Yes, the problem of the TV Here people live in Estonia and will not leave if you feel that you are living in a terrible place, and it does not feel cognitive dissonance.. you do not help. But, in any case, the story of the “polite people” worked once, because nobody did not expect and did not know what would happen. I do not think it again. But even if the “polite people” will appear in our woods and stumble on the Estonian hunter, I do not envy them. it is risky to it. ”

Estonian President said: “When you take off from the Estonian airport, never can not be sure that it is not a raid on a Russian military aircraft because they fly with disabled transponders have civil aircraft do not have much of the radar, so all aircraft equipped with transponders, which give a signal.: “I’m here!” Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, has repeatedly asked about it, but all the time he goes to answer. Russian planes fly over American ships in the Baltic Sea. they may thus think to scare the Americans? but this tactic works on us: it only convinces the Americans that we are not paranoid, Estonians and other Balts - not crazy, navydumavshie fears from scratch.

Answering the question of whether to offer Georgia and Ukraine NATO membership in the near future, Ilves admitted: “The situation has changed, and not for the better is possible to say that the process of enlargement of the EU and NATO frozen indefinitely This - the success of Moscow.. the result of tactics of threats and blackmail, which it applies, but there are other reasons -.. Brexit, for example, in these conditions, no one in the EU does not want to seriously think about expansion. ”

Earlier, Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves expressed skepticism about the possibility that the alliance will come to Finland. “Membership Agreement must be approved by the parliaments of all countries Many people probably feel that it is -. The wrong time”, - Estonian President said in an interview with Yle morning program. As proof of his opinion Ilves referred to the conversation that he spent with the Finns on the subject. “Many people in Finland believe that if the situation is glowing, the country joins NATO. But in fact, if the situation so much worse, many will consider the adoption of Finland’s alliance provocation.”

Toomas Hendrik Ilves said that in 2003 the accession to NATO would be able to quickly, but now it is much more difficult task. “If Estonia is only now sought membership in NATO, even if we had a very good defense and the military budget would be two per cent of GDP (required alliance rules - EADaily), many countries have felt that it was a provocation Accordingly,. many would want to postpone our entry, not to irritate Russia It should be remembered, if you wait aggravation of the situation in NATO does not come just like that “-.. the president said.

8 July 2016

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