The terrorist attack in Istanbul. In Georgia, we learned in Istanbul terrorist special agent Saakashvili

The alleged organizer of the terrorist attack at the airport in Istanbul, a native of Chechnya, Akhmed Chatayev was an agent of the Georgian special services during the presidency of Mikhail Saakashvili. It is reported by RT quoting the chairman of the parliamentary committee on defense and national security of Georgia Irakli Sesiashvili.
“Unfortunately, Ahmed Chatayev was an agent of the security services under the rule of Saakashvili It was operational Georgian passport through which he traveled to different countries and perform operational tasks, for which he received a salary.” - Quoted Sesiashvili the RT.

Earlier, media reported that a native of Chechnya, Akhmed Chatayev received Georgian citizenship and lived in Georgia. In 2003, he was granted refugee status in Austria and traveled to Syria last year.

The terrorist attack in Istanbul’s airport occurred on June 28th. As a result of three explosions killed 44 people, 239 people were injured. The Government reported that the attack was organized militant groups banned in Russia “Islamic state.”
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4 July 2016

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