Burjanadze: Saakashvili bombed the sleeping city prohibited weapon

Ex-Chairman of the Georgian Parliament Nino Burjanadze accused the former president and now - Odessa Governor Mikheil Saakashvili at the beginning of the war in South Ossetia, eight years ago in the bombing of Tskhinvali prohibited weapon, the correspondent of the newspaper LOOK in Tbilisi.

Live television “Pirveli” Burjanadze said that “Saakashvili started the war, I am not afraid to say this.”

“The war has begun Saakashvili is not afraid of saying”

According to her, such a conclusion is made and the EU Commission under the supervision of the Swiss diplomatki Heidi Tagliavini, which studied the circumstances of the conflict.
“Saakashvili ordered the restoration of the constitutional order, it is said in the Tagliavini report, - said Nino Burjanadze -. He bombed the sleeping city prohibited weapon, using cluster bombs This is recognized in Europe and the US State Department, it’s just Georgian television is not PR.. Saakashvili has committed a crime. He was initially involved in the country lost the war. ”

She noted that not told about cluster bombs, while the use of prohibited weapons is not recognized by the international structures.

According to her, should not be to restore relations with Abkhazians and Ossetians “to continue to lie to” avoid talking about Saakashvili’s responsibility for the war.
“Speaking the truth, we show the Abkhazians and Ossetians that punish the country’s leader, who used force against its own population, show that never in power in Georgia will not be such otherwise not restore confidence.” - Said the ex-speaker, now - the leader opposition “Democratic movement”.

Responding to a reporter’s question, do not pour whether it such statements into the hands of Russia, the politician said that “the implementation of Russian interests contributed exactly Saakashvili. Because Russia was on hand what happened, and it sent troops into Tskhinvali region and Abkhazia” .

“If Saakashvili behaved normally, this war would not be” - she said.

Nino Burjanadze said that he hoped to win the parliamentary elections in Georgia in October, including to improve relations with Russia, as well as to restore trust with the Abkhaz and Ossetians. ”

“The danger for Georgia from Russia will not come over As for the West, to him will be pragmatic attitude, and not based on a lie.” - Nino Burjanadze has promised.

She explained that now this “lie” is distributed by the authorities of Georgia promises of joining NATO and the EU.

18 June 2016

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