Between Kiev and Tbilisi Saakashvili What will choose?

Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration is now perhaps the only politician in the world who could become prime minister in one of the two countries

More recently, Mikhail Saakashvili predicted the position of Prime Minister of Ukraine. For a long time the former president of Georgia, and now chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration, was the chief critic of the ex-prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his team. Saakashvili created a reformist “movement for cleaning”, which was to become a new force of the Ukrainian political scene. He traveled all over Ukraine, destroying at mass meetings of corruption actions of the government. Saakashvili demanded radical changes and the arrival of the young government cadres. And do not hide the fact that he sees himself as a leader of change - says Grzegorz Gorny.

Unexpectedly Saakashvili movement activity began to decline and fell to almost zero. The politician is no longer travels around the country, not speaking at the rally, it does not come on TV.

Head of the Odessa region hoped that the resignation Yatsenyuk will lead to early elections. The political mobilization related to the anti-corruption campaign, was for him the initial stage of the election campaign, in which he hoped to get a good result, but in the future - the post of head of government. It turned out that the government crisis ended only by a change of prime minister. And it became not Saakashvili and Vladimir Groisman.

The key person who stopped the march to power, Saakashvili became president Petro Poroshenko. Earlier, Ukrainian head of state supported the Georgian politician and used it as a battering ram against Yatsenyuk. Probably at some point Poroshenko just scared big ambitious Georgian independence, which turned him uncontrolled. Therefore, the president put on reliable, close Groisman.

Can we Ukrainian project Saakashvili considered frozen, and for how long? Or is it finally closed?

On the one hand the Georgian understands that his chances are melting, but on the other - there was a hope to return to Tbilisi. On October 8, the Georgian parliamentary elections, which will compete with each other two forces: a coalition of pro-government and pro-Russian Bidzina Ivanishvili’s opposition, led by the United National Movement, it is the party of Saakashvili. Recent studies show a slight advantage of the second power.

Recently, the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration, said that if the election victory of his party (which he believed), a great responsibility lies on him. Therefore, as reported, he will return to Georgia to help the winning team to carry out reforms at home.

The author Grzegorz Gorny said that Saakashvili is stuck between the two projects: Ukrainian and Georgian. While he is waiting for developments, which can develop in different ways in the two countries. If Groisman lose public trust as quickly as the team Yatsenyuk, a year later, it is possible to be the next change of the Prime Minister and then Saakashvili will be a good opportunity.

It is no wonder that he is now silent and stopped their campaign, observing the situation, both in Ukraine and in Georgia. Now, perhaps, he is the only politician in the world who has a real chance to become the head of the government in one of the two countries. And while he does not hurry up with a definite answer to that will choose which option. It is possible that both projects will be completed for him nothing.

17 June 2016

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