In Georgia, arrested criminals who tried to sell a batch of radioactive uranium for $ 3 million

The Georgian police detained a group of criminals who were trying to sell a batch of uranium. The total price of the radioactive substance is about $ 3 million.

“Persons who were detained at the time when they were transporting a radioactive substance in an apartment in the village of Kobuleti detainees were planning to sell uranium for $ 3 million.” - RIA Novosti quoted a statement of the Department of State Security Intelligence Service of Georgia.

“Withdrawn uranium radioactive substance weighing 1,665 kg contains two radioactive isotope: 238 (U-238) and a small amount (0.23%), uranium-235 (U-235), which belong to the category of nuclear material” - TASS agency sends a message.

Detainees face punishment from 5 to 10 years in prison for an article on illegal circulation of nuclear materials, and implementation.

Earlier in April, a group of hackers has already been arrested in Georgia, trying to implement a container with uranium-238. Then they were also detained Georgian State Security Service. For a party of radioactive material price has been assigned $ 200 million.

28 April 2016

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