Saakashvili complained of “naphthalene foreigners” in power

Former Georgian President made the appointment to the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine ex-finance minister of Poland Leszek Balcerowicz. Such cases are called Saakashvili “a shame.”

MOSCOW, March 24 - RIA Novosti. Governor of Odessa Oblast, Mikhail Saakashvili spoke against the appointment of foreigners in senior positions in the Ukraine. He stated this in an interview channel 112.

Former President of Georgia noted that the purpose of politics is carried out without the participation of Ukrainians.

“And as they say:” Now we will bring some foreign reformers, we’ll get out of mothballs of the former East European Prime Minister and “Good people can be and some of them, being talked about, I know them, I.. their love and respect, but what have they Ukraine? ” - The politician said.


He called “Shame” situation, when a man who 25 years ago somewhere held the post of the Prime Minister or the Minister, to get “out of mothballs” that he ruled the country. At the same time, Saakashvili said that he would be in 10 years, “naphthalene” policy, as long as he did not “have time to acquire them.”

“But when I say.” We’ll take out something, transplanted here, and he will rule Ukraine 45,000,000th country “- is a humiliation of Ukraine, it is a shame This is done in order to prevent a new generation to power “, - Saakashvili said.

Earlier, media reported that the new Prime Minister of Ukraine can become a former finance minister of Poland Leszek Balcerowicz. However, the politician himself said that the government should be headed by a Ukrainian, and he could become a “strategic adviser” to the Government.

Saakashvili himself, the former president of Georgia from 2008 to 2013, I received a Ukrainian passport last year. In late May, he was appointed governor of the Odessa region.

24 March 2016

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