Saakashvili: Constitution of Ukraine - it’s “constitution thieves and crooks”

Saakashvili winery intentionally violated the law on the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the ban criticism of the authorities

This statement was the governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili made during a speech during his visit to Vinnytsia region. Video performances he published on his page to Facebook.

Former Georgian President compared the government decree of Arseniy Yatsenyuk to ban officials to criticize the government with dictatorial laws of January 16, after which began on Independence violent confrontation. He said he intends to break this decision and it will start “doing right now in this room.”

Saakashvili criticized the opinion of the Kiev authorities about what is a “constitutional or unconstitutional.” “In a stable work at the office, where one toilet - it is constitutionally and change something, at least one Customs in Ukraine - is unconstitutional.
As a result of living in shit, in their opinion - is constitutional, and change something - is not constitutional “, - stated the head of the Odessa region.

According to him, the current Constitution of Ukraine - it is “thieves and crooks constitution”:

“This is not the Constitution of Ukraine, it is the constitution of thieves and crooks that earns the absence of normal customs, on the absence of the normal civil service and so everywhere …. Wherever you look -. Thief sitting and chases a thief.”

The governor of the Odessa region calls on Ukrainians “to change all that.”

“We will get through this wall Although sometimes fuss, like a fish on the ice They say..” Saakashvili that you run across Ukraine, you do not sit “in Odessa, I can sit in Odessa, but my law stabbed in?. . Kiev can and sit But if you want to change something, you have to change from Kiev, because the fish rots from the head and all these things have to change “, -.. he curled.

In addition, Mikhail Saakashvili criticized Kiev’s position on the privatization of land. The official believes that Ukrainian citizens can once again “cheat”.

“This land market should be under strict government control, not to oblaposhili again our people”, - concluded Saakashvili.

It should be noted that in Block Petro Poroshenko called the initiative of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the ban criticism of the authorities, “the generation of trash.”

2 March 2016

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