Governor Saakashvili in an interview with the Georgian television channel “Rustavi 2″ has declared its ambitions in Ukraine over the post of prime minister

“My political ambitions in this country much more than to become prime minister I want to establish new rules of the game and the coming to power in Ukraine, a new political elite.”, - Saakashvili responded to a question about whether he thinks the prime minister to take a seat.

Saakashvili said that the Ukrainian government should resign because of the power necessary to replace the “post-Soviet oligarchic and corrupt” elements. He noted that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in favor of the reform, and this is its main advantage.

According to the politician, Ukraine is now undergoing the path that Georgia passed to the “Rose Revolution”.

Last week, the Ukrainian parliament failed to adopt a resolution of no confidence in the government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk. For retired just voted 194 deputies needed at 226.

Before that, the country’s president Petro Poroshenko addressed the nation, urging the Prosecutor General of the country Yatsenyuk and Viktor Shokina resign. According to the President, it is necessary to restore trust in the government.

The government crisis in Ukraine after the scandal broke out with the departure of the head of the Ministry of Economy aivaras abromavičius. His decision, he explained that the country began blocking the adoption of important reforms. The minister said that he had “no desire to be a cover for blatant corruption.” Poroshenko said that Abromavicius should remain minister and continue reforms.

Guide eliminates had to explain to the concerned ambassadors of the “Big Seven”. Then Poroshenko said about the need for immediate “restart” of the Ukrainian government.

22 February 2016

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