Georgia wanted to increase the volume of Russian gas supplies

Georgia is negotiating with “Gazprom” to increase the supply of Russian gas to 20 percent. Currently, Georgia buys gas from Azerbaijan, and the share of Russian natural gas is 12 percent.

Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze told Georgia about the details of ongoing meetings with the representatives of “Gazprom” and said that the total volume of Russian gas supplies to the country can be increased from 12% to 20%.

The main importer of gas in Georgia is Azerbaijan. Currently, Georgia receives 12% of the total volume of Russian gas supplies to Armenia as a payment for its transit. Russian gas is not a country buys from 2007.

“Today, we have 12%, and if agreement can be reached, and we will be able to receive additional volumes when it is needed in our country, the rate of about could rise to 20%. Of course, this is temporary. It is an agreement for a period of one a year “- said Kaladze in the air” Rustavi 2 “and added that the term of the previous agreement with” Gazprom “expired on 31 December 2015, and the new has not yet been reached.

Energy Minister said that Georgia is experiencing a shortage of gas, and “Azerbaijan, which remains the main strategic partner of the country, is technically not able to supply the Georgian side of the larger volume, because physically the pipeline does not allow it.”

The minister said that during the last meeting, the Russian side demanded that Georgia received monetary compensation instead of gas for transit fuel to Armenia. Kaladze said that the Russian Federation has all the possibilities to meet the Armenian market through another transit and deprive Georgia the status of a transit country that is losing to Georgia, the Georgian side is so “every effort to maintain the function of a transit corridor.”

“If we do not have the relevant natural gas (in the case of loss of transit function - Ed.) Have to stop the station will have to take from Russia additional electricity that will incur for an even more spending, and this will affect the rates and our citizens have to pay more “- the minister added.

Kaladze said that another meeting with representatives of “Gazprom” will be held on Wednesday in Vienna, and expressed hope that he would return from there to the agreement, “which will serve the interests of Georgia.”

Experts and opposition in Georgia criticized the minister, saying that cooperation with “Gazprom” will deprive Georgia of energy independence. The protests, demanding an end to the negotiations with the Georgian government, “Gazprom” are held in the capital systematically.

20 January 2016

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