Saakashvili leaked online classified positions MAT in the Donbas

The governor of the Odessa region[/[t:tag slug=oblast]region, Mikheil Saakashvili has posted on the Internet confidential information about the positions of security forces in the Ukrainian Donbass.
We know that he made a visit to the region a few days ago, visiting Battalion “Storm” in the area of ​​so-called anti-terrorist operation, reports TSN. During the visit Saakashvili unit filmed on video and uploaded to the network of secret observation post, faces security forces and even operational maps with explanations of the commander.
After the publication of the video division battalion, visited Saakashvili was asked to write a letter of resignation, RIA Novosti reported. Soldiers act angered the head of the Odessa region.
“It’s not fair, because the governor did for Battalion anything. Remove the video all the roadblocks that we protect, the faces of our soldiers and to expose them to the Internet - it’s just a” professional “higher, as they say, the degree. After that, our guys received threats on the Internet, “- said one of the men.

19 January 2016

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