Saakashvili said that he sees himself in the new government of Ukraine

In addition, the head of the Odessa region reported a willingness to reveal “the annual scheme of embezzlement of public funds.”

The governor of the Odessa region, Saakashvili said that he sees himself on a post in the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

“I do not want, do not crave any job, so I can openly express their views, which is quite critical, but based on facts,” - Saakashvili said in response to a reporter’s question about his possible Tass posts in new government.

Commenting on the possibility of future government reshuffle, Saakashvili said that “it will depend on the report of the Cabinet, which will be presented in the near future.”

The Government of Ukraine on December 11 in the Verkhovna Rada will make a report on its work for the year.

Earlier, in an interview with the Brussels edition of Politico Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk promised the imminent resignation of the government.

According to analysts, among the contenders for the dismissal are the representatives of the “Popular Front” (leader is Yatsenyuk) Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko, Cabinet Minister Anna Onishchenko. In addition, foreigners may be affected, especially the Minister of Health Aleksandre Kvitashvili, who had himself asked to resign, and the Minister of Economy Aivaras Abromavicius.

According to polls, the government enjoys the support and the inhabitants of the country. For example, a survey of the special program “Fleece LIVE” showed that 94% of students on the need for the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers said yes, told television channel “112″.

According to the results of the September survey conducted by the sociological group “Rating” in all regions of Ukraine except for the not-controlled territory, the activities of the government positively evaluated, only 2% of those surveyed, 54% are not satisfied with the cabinet.

3 December 2015

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