Who paid the Georgian dream: the first interview with Ivanishvili after the departure from politics

Billionaire Ivanishvili told Forbes, how to help President Saakashvili to reform, and then greatly regretted it.

Ivanishvili - a real tycoon. After leaving in 2004 from Russia to Georgia, where he immediately became the richest man. His state is $ 5.3 billion, according to the latest global ranking Forbes, where he took 229 th place - a third of the GDP of the entire Georgia ($ 15.85 billion in 2012).

However, in politics, he did not intervene until October of 2011 - in Tbilisi, no one even knew him in the face, until all of a sudden not Ivanishvili announced the creation of an opposition party. A year later, his “Georgian Dream” won the parliamentary elections, and he became a billionaire prime minister, the first person in the state. A year later, in November 2013, to fulfill his promise, he retired from politics forever, leaving the government team of associates. In the two years since it happened many fantastic stories, which he first said in an interview with Forbes.

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29 August 2015

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