Georgia sanctions scary. Russia is not included in the list of Georgia prodembargo as sanctions are insignificant country

RF kontrsanktsii not hit Georgia, as the measures taken by the Georgian leadership towards Russia are insignificant. This was reported in the press service of the Russian government.

“At the moment, Russia and Georgia have no active relations and high turnover. Unlike other countries, the measures taken by the Georgian leadership towards Russia are insignificant, - said the minister. - In connection with this, it was decided that there is no need include this country in the list of countries whose manufacturer is prohibited from supplying certain types of agricultural products. ”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on August 13 at a government meeting said that he had signed an order to extend the list of countries subject to Russian kontrsanktsii. “Now in the States of the European Union, Australia, Canada, Norway and the United States, of which in August last year have been banned supply of some agricultural products, adding a number of countries, namely Albania, Montenegro, Iceland and Liechtenstein, and subject to special conditions Ukraine “- said the Russian prime minister, recalling that these states have joined the earlier decision on the extension of the EU sanctions against Russia.

The prime minister said that this choice consciously made these states, and their argument is thus questionable. “They argue its decision (on accession to the EU sanctions against Russia) that are obliged to introduce sanctions for a number of agreements with the European Union, but this position is only partly true - continued Medvedev. - I note that a number of States have which has a similar agreement with the EU in sanctions against the Russian Federation do not participate. ” “So that joining the sanctions - is a conscious choice, which means readiness to response on our part, what and accepted”, - concluded the Prime Minister.

14 August 2015

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