Kolomoisky preparing forceful overthrow of Saakashvili

In the Odessa region fear the removal of the military governor Mikhail Saakashvili. Monday in the city appear unmarked trucks with armed men - allegedly members of the ATO, arrived at the resort.

The oligarch Igor Kolomoisky had a conflict with the new governor of the Odessa region - first in the literature. “As for Saakashvili, I’m surprised at all. I think this is a temporary figure. Now he will hand over Russian Odessa, and then have to win it again. Pobudet while governor, and then it will be replaced by some type of nothingness Goncharenko,” - he told reporters Kolomoisky. Now Saakashvili has consistently removes people oligarch - from management and administration of the customs area. This official security forces in the region de facto remain under the control structures Igor Kolomoisky.

In late March, Kolomoisky has already demonstrated willingness to fight for the assets, even with the first persons of the state by means of armed militants - then under the building, “Ukrnafta” on duty a few dozen men in camouflage with guns. The conflict over control of the oil industry was extinguished thanks to a closed meeting Poroshenko with Igor Kolomoisky, but the banker has interests in other areas.

Odessa customs points from late July under the supervision of people from the “Right Sector”. The reason for this was the statement by the Governor of Saakashvili’s involvement in structures oligarch Kolomoisky smuggling, money laundering and tax evasion. However, concrete evidence of violations of the laws of the former president of Georgia has not provided, suggested to wait “until the honest people in the police will not be enough.”

Residents of Odessa region quite critical of the new governor. “Every day stands and on TV and radio, and even the iron is heard,” - writes in groups of social networks. “Saakashvili is engaged in pre-sale preparation of Odessa to the new owners of the Stars and Stripes. Kolomoysky still had some independence, and Georgians clean protege of the US - which, I remind you, we promise a year to supply weapons to fight rossiyanskih warriors” - in the comments to news stories .

Political experts say an extreme populist promises Saakashvili and mediareytingah frequency of mentions of a new governor is comparable to the presidential. Key journalists estimated at 64% negative (Poroshenko at the rate of 15%, from Kolomoisky 33%): primarily criticized the decision to recruit the power structures “Vikings” from Russia, Georgia and the United States. Odessa City Hall stood in opposition to the former Georgian president defiantly to their gaining control of Saakashvili dismissed the people. At the same time the city council accused of supporting the separatists because the idea to erect a monument to those killed in the fire in the House of Trade Unions on 2 May.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the main purpose of the Odessa corruption scandals - “make the transition from one to the other oligarchs.” “I went to a war of clans. All against all. And external forces only pour petrol”, - said the minister.

10 August 2015

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• Kolomoisky compared Saakashvili with a rabid dog (Oligarch has offered to send the head of the Odessa region on delivery back to Georgia) »»»
Ukrainian oligarch, ex-governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Igor Kolomoisky has compared the governor of the Odessa region, ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili with a rabid dog.
• Saakashvili power in Ukraine may change due to the demoralization of the state apparatus »»»
Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikhail Saakashvili is sure that the state apparatus in Ukraine, demoralized, and therefore may be a change of government.
• Saakashvili led the council for the privatization of state enterprises in Ukraine »»»
Kiev authorities are preparing Ukraine to mass privatization. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.
• Saakashvili plans to dissolve the Odessa police because of corruption »»»
"Yesterday in the act when receiving a bribe of protection racket was arrested the head of the Odessa Police" - said the governor.
• Saakashvili: Constitution of Ukraine - it's "constitution thieves and crooks" »»»
Saakashvili winery intentionally violated the law on the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the ban criticism of the authorities This statement was the governor of the Odessa region.