Say - not cut down! All the scandalous statements Maria Gaidar and “disgusting” Saakashvili and “Crimea in fact our” l

In social networks began to emerge reviews Gaidar on Russia’s war against Georgia in 2008 as well as her personal opinion on Mikheil Saakashvili, who at the time served as president of the country.
On the first day of the war, August 8, 2008, Gaidar in his blog quoted the headline (”Georgia started the war against Russia“) and the text of the article of the Russian edition of RBC. In it, with reference to the self-proclaimed authorities in South Ossetia it was that the Georgian military assault on Tskhinvali began using “Grad”.
August 11, 2008, she placed a banner for a vote, “the Russian army in South Ossetia. Express your opinion.” Already on 12 August 2008 after an abusive post of one of the Russian opposition leaders Alexei Navalny to the Georgians, and Saakashvili called Gaidar then Georgian leader’s “disgusting”.
However, she agreed that the situation in Russia was acting “ugly and inconsistent” because Georgia has the right to defend the territorial integrity and fight against separatism.
October 27, 2014 Maria Gaidar gave an interview to the Russian newspaper “Yod”, among other issues was the annexation of the Crimea. Responding to a question about who now owned the peninsula, she said: “Crimea is now just on the fact ours. I totally agree with Navalny. Just so it’s really impossible to return. This is a big problem for us, which will need to be solved somehow” - said deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration.
In her view, to solve the problem of occupation of the Crimea can be a referendum, “ever in many years.” “Everyone will need to find a way out of this situation. The responsibility for finding a way out, of course, lies on Russia, because it is all we have arranged and organized. I believe that this is not consistent with international law, good neighborly relations and agreements, but it has already happened . And the Russian people just like that will not give back, “- she said.
Recall Navalny said that the Crimea in violation of the law and international law has become part of Russia. “And I advise Ukrainians also do not deceive yourself. It will remain part of Russia and never in the foreseeable future will not be a part of Ukraine”, - the Russian politician said.
In an interview with Yegor Gaidar also called the outbreak of war crime against Ukraine. “And all the spin doctors who organize it, that send people to fight - they are all doing a very serious crime, both moral and political”, - the official has added. After the scandal in Odessa Maria Gaidar met with journalists on Monday, 20 of July.
She immediately said that he supports the return Crimea to Ukraine. This can happen only after the change of regime in a democratic Russian Federation. She also commented on Russia’s war against Ukraine. “Russia is at war with Ukraine. There is a war, there are victims, there are refugees, there are talks, which involved Russia and says that it is necessary to take arms. The fact that the war between Russia and Ukraine - it’s a fact,” - said Gaidar.

21 July 2015

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