In Georgia, the NATO exercises began with the participation of 220 US Marines

Agile Spirit maneuvers are carried out on an annual basis since 2011.

TBILISI, July 8. / Correspondent. Tengiz Pachkoriya TASS /. In Georgia today, the annual NATO exercises Agile Spirit 2015. As the press service of the Defense Ministry of the country, the ceremony took place at the beginning of the maneuvers base in Vaziani, near Tbilisi.

The exercise was attended by one of the battalions of the Armed Forces of Georgia, 220 US Marines and 20 troops VS Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia.

The exercises will finish on July 22. They provide for staff and field exercises.

As stated earlier, Deputy Supreme Commander of Allied Powers in Europe, British General Adrian Bradshaw, “NATO is helping Georgia in the development of the armed forces, and exercises Agile Spirit contributes to this process.”

Agile Spirit maneuvers are carried out on an annual basis since 2011. They are one of the components of cooperation between Georgia and the United States and NATO in the framework of which Georgian soldiers are trained for participation in international peacekeeping missions, primarily in Afghanistan.

8 July 2015

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