Alexander F. Sklyar, “I am puzzled by the act Zemfira”

Singer Zemfira concert in Tbilisi took from the hands of the fans Ukrainian flag, then waved it, tied it to the microphone. Here’s how it looked

Performance of the singer “blow up” the Internet network. Fans of the singer’s split into “for” and “against.” Renowned actor and blogger Stanislav Sadalsky wrote on his page in LiveJournal “Now, if there Zemfira deployed Russian flag, as I did during a performance in Tbilisi … The audience then I realized, and room just exploded with applause. It was my small feat and I’m still proud of it! Or so Zemfira tried to muster the courage and deploy the flag of Ukraine during a concert in Russia … “.

The actor also wrote that “it would be even better if she waved the flags of all the former Soviet republics, and not just Ukraine. For example, even to the Georgian, Turkmen, Azeri. Oh, and if it was waving the flag of the Soviet Union, it would be obedinyayusche so! “- he summed Stas.

The leader of the group “Va-Bank” Alexander F. Sklyar said act Zemfira “journalistic truth”.
- During the conflict Zemfira had clearly not expressed. I do not talk to her, and all of it for a long time did not hear anything after she released a new album, in my opinion, a very good album, and then there was a tour of Russia of a real concert, and then the last concert in Moscow. I did almost all looked online and I must say that it was a very strong concert that made me very impressed. And since then I about it have not heard anything, including about its position on the conflict with Ukraine, and this flag … You know … I think these things can not play in passing, that I … By It attracted a lot of attention on the part of the Russian public, therefore any action, including a popular singer as Zemfira - discussed. She has a huge following, and it could not miss. Conclusions I would not do it, the more that she could not comment on it, but I humanly sorry for her this act. And, frankly, I’m at a loss …

6 July 2015

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Premiere of “5 days in August,” dedicated to the Russia-Georgia armed conflict that took place on Friday in the U.