Saakashvili dismissed for poor performance on 21 officials

The governor of the Odessa region, ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili eliminated the inefficient operation of the two departments of the regional administration, dismissing more than 20 officials. It is reported by local newspaper “”.

The meeting heard reports from Saakashvili’s internal audit department, as well as the management of interaction with law enforcement, defense works to prevent and detect corruption. In the first department reported three audits undertaken during the year. In the second department could not name any of the identified cases of corruption.

After that, Saakashvili said that he regularly receives complaints of citizens to bribery. “People complain that they have to pay for the information, the acceleration - a double payoff. Investors complain that extorted for each resolution, and you -” certain violations. “We have a disaster administrative services”, - he said.

Saakashvili noted that wasted hour of personal time, and ordered to eliminate both the department in which he worked 21 people. At the same time, he promised to transfer the functions of the anti-corruption community, said he was willing to provide this space in the regional administration, the “”

4 July 2015

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