Group “Islamic State” are already operating in Georgia

Certain forces can use the “Islamic state” to put pressure on Russia, said Georgian expert, head of the Centre for Research on Terrorism and Political Violence Badri Nachkebia. About this expert said in an interview with the Georgian edition of “Kviris Palitra” called “Literature of terrorists in Georgia has received, the next will be a weapon”.

“You know that one of the princes of Saudi Arabia, which deals with security issues, was in Moscow and invited Putin to $ 15 billion, so that he refused to help the Assad regime, what was rejected. After this rather influential sources spread information that the explosions arranged last year in Russia, for example, the explosion at the station Volgograd, may have been organized by forces associated with the secret services of Saudi Arabia “- explains Badri Nachkebia.

According to him, some forces are trying to shift the focus to the Russian Federation, and the more time passes, the more apparent it becomes a confrontation between Russia and the West.

On the question of the activation of “Islamic state” in the Caucasus Badri Nachkebia he noted that the appearance of the borders of Georgia LIH requires serious analysis.

“If the Caucasus received large financial flows, it can create a very big problem in Georgia. We should not forget that related to” Islamic state “groups are already operating in Georgia, as demonstrated by the special operation, which was held recently during which it was detained person charged with the export of our citizens in Syria and Iraq, “- said Nachkebia.

29 June 2015

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