Saakashvili intends to replace more than 20 heads of districts and reorganize customs (Extended Version)

Odessa. June 9th. Interfax-Ukraine. Odessa police headed by a general from Georgia, told reporters during a press conference the chairman of the Odessa regional administration Mikhail Saakashvili.
He noted that in Odessa there is a very big problem with the police, so he appealed to the Interior Ministry to speed up the introduction of Odessa patrol.
“Our goal is to make the safest city of Odessa in Ukraine”, - Saakashvili said, adding that it is a rare exception, when the head of the service will be “imported”.
Earlier, the media reported that we are talking about Gia Lortkipanidze, who served as Deputy Minister of Georgian police.
Currently Chief of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Odessa region is Ivan Katerynchuk.
Saakashvili also intends within 50 days to change the 26 chapters of regional state administrations in the Odessa region, and to conduct personnel reorganization in the regional administration.
The new head of the district will be assigned to an open competition for participation in which to complete a questionnaire in electronic form. The selected candidates will be tested on the skills and “public review”. In addition, the head of the region said that in the next two weeks is going to visit all parts of the field for the personal knowledge of the situation.
At the same time Mikheil Saakashvili said that if someone would ask him to take this or that person, that person will be disqualified.
Saakashvili also said that in its program plans to completely reorganize the customs. Business center will be established in which customs clearance of goods will be within 15 minutes. In this regard, he said, it stopped the process of changing the head of the Odessa customs, which initiated the State Financial Service. The new head of customs and will be assigned on a tender basis.
With regard to the reorganization of the regional administration, the Saakashvili plans to abolish some of its functions and to dismiss the many officials who are now about 800.
The remaining staff will also have to go through a competitive selection.
“There are so many good people, the positive that will” - he said.

10 June 2015

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