Putin submitted to the ratification of the treaty between Russia and South Ossetia on the Alliance and Integration

The agreement provides for the formation of a common space of security and defense, the free crossing of the border, as well as simplification of procedures for the acquisition of Russian citizenship

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday introduced to the State Duma for ratification an agreement between Russia and South Ossetia on the Alliance and Integration. The document is placed in the electronic database of the lower house of parliament.

March 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin and South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov signed the Treaties of Alliance and integration. The document was signed after the talks of the two presidents.
The agreement provides, inter alia, the formation of the two countries a common space of security and defense, the free crossing of the Russian-South Ossetian borders, the integration of the customs authorities, through the cooperation of the Interior, to simplify the procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship and the social dimension, including issues of pensions.
As outlined in the explanatory memorandum, the agreement is the basic document. It recorded the parties’ intention gradually to establish closer cooperation in the social, economic and humanitarian spheres, as well as in the field of defense and security. The document “fully meets the interests of the Russian side, it is intended to form the basis for the conclusion of separate agreements in these areas,” according to the explanatory note.
The contract is for 25 years and is automatically extended for successive ten-year periods, unless one of the contracting parties notifies by written notice of its desire to terminate it, no later than one year before the expiration of the period of its validity.

20 May 2015

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