Georgia intends to engage Russia to major energy projects in the Black Sea

Georgia intends to engage Russia and the West for cooperation in the creation of a major power center in Supsa on the Black Sea, said the former president of the International Oil Corporation Giorgi Chanturia, one of the developers of the project.

According to him, the cost of the project is $ 17 billion, its implementation will begin with the construction of an oil refinery in Supsa, back in 1990 was to build a pipeline from Baku.

Then there is planned, he said, the construction of a unique petrochemical complex high power.

Chanturia said that in late 1990, this project was developed with the help of the Americans, but then for various reasons, has not been realized.

“Now is the time when Georgia itself can initiate recovery of this project, especially since it is actually ready,” - he said, according to

“We will become” energy hub “, in other words, the energy center in the Black and Caspian Seas” - he said.

“Fully realistic and mutually beneficial to include in the project Russia’s energy potential - said Chanturia. - On the other hand, we will fully meet the requirements of energy structures in Europe, which are developed in the future the 2020s. We have the opportunity to begin negotiations on this matter with the European Union” .

According to him, better cooperation than conflict that already “killed in this area” Nabucco “project.

“Our partners are not only the EU but also Russia, which will be able to diversify its energy export to Europe and Asia,” - he said.

According to Chanturia, “total material value of the currently existing energy corridors Baku - Supsa and Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan and Baku - Tbilisi - Erzurum gas pipeline is 75 billion dollars, this amount through Georgia a year passes energy.”

He also said that there is a project to build a pipeline from Novorossiysk to Supsa through Abkhazia connecting to the corridor Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan.

“Will pass large volumes of oil from Kazakhstan, Russia, and one that is mined in Kazakhstan American companies,” - said Giorgi Chanturia.

According to him, the project Supsa can be started in September, and the first power can be obtained in two years.

Initiated by the Georgian-American company “Inter Energy Group,” he said.

According to him, “no doubt” that connect to the realization of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, as well as working in these countries, US and European companies.

2 January 2015

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