French police uncovered a network of robbers of Georgia

French police uncovered a network of eleven Georgians suspected of more than a hundred robberies in the territory of the Fifth Republic, reports on Monday, Agence France Press, citing a source in law enforcement.

According to the agency, six people were arrested last week in the capital region, and five more were displaced from French prisons under the supervision of the Paris police, the leading cause.

Grouping whose members were arrested, was operating in the French capital and in ten departments of the country in the period from February to November 2014. During this time they have made about 120 robberies, the total damage is estimated at approximately 600 thousand euros.

Police on the trail of the robbers could leave during the investigation of robbery committed in Paris in August. Then two thieves were arrested in Georgia.

Some of the arrested robbers, believes the agency belong to a special “criminal fraternity with the former Soviet Union”, which is called “thieves in law”.

In the spring of 2013 the Paris police detained another group of people from Georgia, whose members were suspected of committing more than 40 burglaries burglary totaling 170 thousand euros in Paris Ile-de-France.

1 December 2014

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