Former ideologist Dudayev Ichkeria Islam Saydayev: If Russian tanks in 2008 went to Tbilisi, there would be no problem now with Kiev

Former ideologist Dudayev Ichkeria, and now - a political analyst and journalist - told special correspondent “KP” why Chechen separatists have become a large Russian patriots

Saydayev Islam, Chechen political analyst and journalist - one who ten years ago was called an enemy of Russia. And he it was. Ardent separatist dudaevets, one of the ideologists of Ichkeria, deputy head of the information center of militants. In 1999, he fled to Georgia, where he lived for almost ten years and in close contact with the Georgian special services. Witnessed many dirty deeds and even wrote a book about it, “Remove the witness.” Radically changed their views in the days of the amnesty returned to Chechnya, where he is currently working in the government. In Chechnya, it is the usual story. Former militants laid down their arms, are now far more ardent patriots of Russia than, for example, the Moscow “liberal Parmesan” audience. Chechnya had to go through two wars, to understand that no one, except for Russia, it is not needed.

- De jure and de facto independent Chechnya was five years between the two wars - says Islam Saydayev. - We thought that life would start as Dubai, separated from Russia. Five years in our hands was oil, real money, sat in the manual one and all patriots and religious leaders, and in all that time we did not build a mosque. I do not say much about the schools and hospitals. We had everything, even foreign sponsors, but we did not do anything, but only at loggerheads with each other. Began an open military confrontation between his. Time has shown that we can not independently exist as a state outside the field of Russia.

- That is, Russia has given you the law?

- You could say that. Believe me: if Russia is now gone from Dagestan, a month there will begin a fierce civil war. And Dagestan, Tatarstan and naively think that they will survive without Russia. Leave Russia and come out the scammers with a criminal past, ordinary bandits. But we do have nahlebalsya. If the Caucasus could be self-sufficient, it would have happened a long time ago, when Russia was not yet here. Lived some isolated tribes, small principalities, unwilling association and real statehood. In short, a complete dissociation.

- Why Chechens fought against Russia after perestroika?

- It was a big part of the game. Through Chechnya tried to destroy Russia. All these people that have appeared here, like Dudayev and Udugov - their patron from Moscow are “patriots” as Berezovsky. I too once believed in the independence of Ichkeria and collaborated with NGOs, funded by the West. But they were funded by a special program: the enemy of my enemy - my friend. We give you money, and we want results. It is not directly mentioned: there were just words on the establishment of democracy. While it was profitable, they called us rebels and sponsored. And when the game was played and the militants fled in the Pankisi Gorge, where they declared terrorists and arrested. But it is not just so, and counting ………

27 September 2014

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