Brooklyn exile glances at Georgia

On product fair in Brooklyn near Williamsburg, Mikhail Saakashvili, shod in fluorescent green shoes, worn among women in overalls with a plunging neckline and tattooed bearded, tells The New York Times. Journalist Jason Horowitz reports that Saakashvili ordered a fresh coconut.

“My friend, one of the largest UAE sheikhs, gave Georgia 20 thousand. Palm” - told the ex-president. “As a personal gift,” - he added.
Saakashvili settled in self-imposed exile on North Seventh Street in New York, says Horowitz. “It’s up to the triumphant return, although its rapid opal - a visual warning to many American officials, who had hoped that he would become a model exporter of democracy in the former Soviet republics,” - said in the article.
Saakashvili left the presidency in November last year. “Since then he has lived in the apartment of his uncle in one of the residential towers on the waterfront in Williamsburg, which enjoys a long tradition of” wealth of mysterious origin “inherent in this area. During those moments, when Saakashvili sits in a cafe, not riding his bike bridge and is not found at bachelor parties with friends on the rooftop Wythe, he grabs the Ukrainian conflict and his own experience of being a target for the wrath of Putin as a lifeline that will help him regain political importance “- the article says.
“This is the end of Putin,” - Saakashvili said Russian aggression in the Ukraine, when the President of Ukraine Poroshenko met with Obama in Washington. Saakashvili said that Putin’s actions “very, very similar” to the actions in Georgia. “I think he’s wandered into a trap.”
But Saakashvili also assures that the Ukrainian conflict should give an impetus to re-evaluate his own reputation as a reckless leader.
In Georgia, Saakashvili has lost popularity, and prosecutors charged him with violation of human rights and the embezzlement of public funds. Saakashvili claims that prosecutors - puppets his foe Ivanishvili. “Some critics of Saakashvili agree with the opinion that the charges say thrust of the current Georgian government for revenge as much about the Saakashvili” - says Horowitz.
According to the newspaper, at the moment Saakashvili busy that writing his memoirs, makes speeches, “very well paid”, helping to create a Washington Analytical Center and visit their former ardent supporters - such as Senator McCain and Assistant Secretary of State Nuland. He said that he is in the process of changing the status instead of tourist visa he will have a working wi

22 September 2014

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