Late drink Borjomi …

Georgian mercenary nicknamed the “Doberman”, trying to justify to the Chechens that it is not all Chechens had in mind when he watered them in the media, but only a few that work with incendiary amateur photos in Instagrame.

Cannon fodder beginning to suspect something. A little earlier, he was yelling at the video that all betrayed and war is not the way we would like. And then there’s the Chechens and present on a national basis.
Given Caucasian manners, it is a risk that even if he survives the war, then to him sooner or later will glance bearded men with heavy Chechen accent heart to heart talk.
Whereupon and attempts to advance to lay straw.

PS. Still wish it did not have filled a bus with pravosekami near Donetsk, still probably my magic carpet carries. In general, I wish to meet him, “Kadyrov infidels” as soon as possible and in person.

9 September 2014

Pentagon: Russia must withdraw its forces from the border with Georgia
In Georgia, Saakashvili seized the family’s property

• We all de Hoop Scheffer »»»
There are two versions of the beginning of the Russo-Finnish War.
• Moscow claims to be a part of Abkhazia »»»
A delegation from Sukhumi to discuss the delimitation of the Russian side of the border.
• Saakashvili proposed to legalize gambling in Odessa »»»
The governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili called for the legalization of gambling in Odessa.
• Former ideologist Dudayev Ichkeria Islam Saydayev: If Russian tanks in 2008 went to Tbilisi, there would be no problem now with Kiev »»»
Former ideologist Dudayev Ichkeria, and now - a political analyst and journalist - told special correspondent "KP" why Chechen separatists have become a large Russian patriots Saydayev Islam.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice expressed outrage that the media had distorted her position on the Russian-Georgian war of 2008.