Pentagon: Russia must withdraw its forces from the border with Georgia

American Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at a joint press conference with his Georgian counterpart Alasania demanded that the Russian withdrawal of troops from the border with Georgia.

“The United States continues to urge Russia to fully withdraw its troops from the border with Georgia. We welcome the resistance, which Tbilisi exhibits in this matter. Russia’s actions in this country and in Ukraine represent a long-term challenge, which Washington and its allies are treated very seriously,” - said in a statement released by the Pentagon Hagel. Defense Minister expressed confidence that “the new status of Georgia as a NATO partner will help her to move towards membership in the Alliance.”

Formerly “FederalPress” reported that the European Union is considering expanding sanctions against Russian government officials, which is considered responsible for the escalation of violence in the south-east of Ukraine. The list can get an additional 20 staff.

8 September 2014

The map shows the Russian-controlled territory
Late drink Borjomi …

• The Pentagon intends to rebuild the armed forces of Georgia »»»
The Working Group of the U.S. Defense Department will come to Georgia to assess the military needs of the country after the war with Russia, - says Washington Times.
• Ukraine no longer wants to supply weapons to Georgia »»»
Ukraine does not plan to supply weapons to Georgia, said at a press conference.
• Eduard Kokoity, the president of South Ossetia: Russian border guards came to us to not be repeated in August 2008 on " »»»
Today, Saturday, in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and South Ossetia (which was signed last Thursday).
• Maria Gaidar said that in 2008 Russia attacked Georgia, and is now at war with Ukraine »»»
Appointed to the post of deputy head of the Odessa region Maria Gaidar said that in 2008 Russia attacked Georgia.
• Georgia did not believe in opening of the Russian border post. (FSB has opened a border post in the disputed area) »»»
The Georgian authorities have called “impossible” opening of the Russian border post at Mamison Pass on the border between North and South Ossetia.