Georgian parliament voted unanimously for the association agreement with the EU

Georgian Parliament at an extraordinary meeting unanimously ratified the Association Agreement with the EU.
Georgian MPs on Friday unanimously supported the ratification of the Association Agreement with the European Union, signed in Brussels on 27 June. For ratification of the agreement voted 123 deputies. At the meeting of Parliament except deputies and the president was attended by representatives of the Georgian government and foreign guests, including European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule, said “Bi-bi-si.”
“I am glad that today I am in the Parliament of Georgia, where I see such unanimity - this government is the majority, the minority - we are all united by one idea - Georgian President George Margvelashvili immediately after the vote. - I want to congratulate you on this unity, I want to thank everyone who participated in the successful completion of this long journey. ”
Representatives of the parliamentary minority - MPs of the United National Movement, also supported the ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU, but they came to the meeting with placards in Georgian and English languages: “In the European Union without political prisoners”, thereby expressing protest against the detention and prosecution representatives of their party.
Georgia signed an association agreement with the European Union in Brussels on June 27 - the same day that Moldova and Ukraine. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on July 7 that Russia will take measures to protect its market because of the association of Georgia with the EU. Moldovan Parliament ratified the agreement on the European integration more July 2. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine until the document is approved, reminds

19 July 2014

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