Belarusian KGB: An attempt to hijack an airplane Kutaisi - Minsk

June 10 was an attempt to hijack an aircraft en route from Kutaisi - Minsk. This was reported in the Belarussian KGB, said RIA Novosti.

The ministry clarified that the commander of the crew of one of the passengers was sent a note with a threat to blow up the plane and the requirement to change the course in one of the European countries. At that point in the plane were 32 passengers and four crew members.

“Thanks to professional actions of pilots at 6:50 (7:50 MSK), said board landed at the National Airport Minsk. Primary preparations suppression of illegal actions hijacker held security service and airport mode together with the police on air transport” - said the KGB republic.

Representatives of the KGB and the counter-terrorism group “A” boarded and began negotiations with a passenger sent a note. This is a Georgian citizen, born in 1973. As a result, the offender agreed to leave the plane at 8:10 am and voluntarily surrendered KGB officers. “And in 8:15 the aircraft left the passengers and crew”? - The press-service.

In respect to the detainee in the Belarussian KGB opened a criminal case under article “hijacking or seizure for the purpose of hijacking” of the Criminal Code.

At the same time head of the press service of the Belarusian KGB Arthur Eaves said he tried to hijack a citizen of Georgia several times changed the ultimate goal of its route, passing two notes to the commander of the crew.

“The first note was assigned to the commander for 200 km to the final destination. Hijacker then gave a second note at the airport Minsk, indicating another country where he would like to head,” - he said.

Currently, staff Belarusian secret services trying to find out whether the detainee accomplices.

10 June 2014

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