“And, behold, there are last who will be first, and there are first who will be last” - Luke

I still can not believe that Ukrainian citizens on, of course, is illegal and illegitimate elections in the “live”, the current head of state Viktor Yanukovych Poroshenko elected its new president.

Peter A. was a joke and one of the most despised politicians in Ukraine.

His ashamed even loser Viktor Yushchenko. So, remember, in 2007, he took it in his list of “Our Ukraine - People’s Self-Defense” in the parliamentary elections. Afraid that because of the high antireytinga “chocolate king” and sharp antipathy which to experience it “orange mass” fallen already rated his political force will decrease even more.

But here’s the impossible happened: Poroshenko won the first round. Such was only the first Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk.

On the eve of the inauguration of Poroshenko already being started to make fun in Facebook. I remember two things.

Many noted the invitations to the event. Network scans went on with this document. It Peter I officially dubbed “His Excellency.” Like, “Excellency” invites you to the inauguration of John Doe. In this next published scans invitation “despot” and “satrap” Yanukovych to similar actions in 2010, where there was no trace of these “old school” catchwords. Simply stated ascetic - “President Yanukovych” without any “Excellencies,” “Highnesses” and “noble.”

Here’s your Democrat Poroshenko.

Other wags began to post a comment with some of the Jewish national life in which some rabbi claimed that the presidency of Peter I will fail if he appointed inauguration on Shabbat. Like you can not do. Of course, everyone laughed.

As for the ceremony, then remember all the soldiers who fainted, dropping his gun when Poroshenko paraded down the red carpet to the Verkhovna Rada. One wearer Facebook even saw this as a sign of anti-war: war will soon come to an end in the Donbas.

But my friend Kiev, a historian, said that he feels that Poroshenko tries to mow under Alexander III the Peacemaker. “First, faints soldiers - is an element of the parade in Kronstadt (1887), when Alexander and French President Sadi Carnot guard of honor. Secondly, Poroshenko words spoken at the ceremony, that are allies of Ukraine army, air force and navy - a blueprint with the words of the Emperor Alexander: “Russia has only two allies - the army and navy.”

Drew the attention of the presence at the inauguration of characters such as the ex-Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and the current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

First invitation, given that it is not acting head of state, it is a definite sign. His presence was to demonstrate: a policy of Ukraine under President Poroshenko is anti-Russian.

9 June 2014

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