PACE meeting - holiday russophobia

Georgians accused us that we - these are the same people who 25 years ago staged a massacre in Tbilisi, and some young woman claimed that still coughing from an unknown gas, which we then poisoned her.

Ukrainians of the Verkhovna Rada - the ones who brought his people to rebellion, staged a massacre in the Maidan, stole with Yanukovich - now dramatically repaint, changing the orientation of winners. According to them, everything is fine in the Ukraine, there is no censorship, Russian TV in every home, the problems that prevent them from Russia to carry out judicial reform, fight against corruption, organizing rallies and demonstrations in the east and hide stolen Ukrainian pensioners billions.

But deputy Irina Gerashchenko, former spokesman of the former bankrupt Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, has agreed to that stated that we, Russian, Ukrainians kill, driven from their houses, spread corruption in Ukraine net that we fascists, anti-Semites and occupiers.

Need to consider whether to communicate with the Europeans on the site was turned into the streets where conductors allow corrupt Shawky yapping in this tonality.

Leaving emotions note first that impressed.

1. We are not heard at all. Of the nearly 40 amendments that were a little bit in our favor (most made by a group of bottom left PACE - Dutchman Cox) passed with one change. Our - none.

2.Otkrovennoe manipulation of the registration procedure for the preparation of reports and presentations. Of the 14 pre-recorded in our list included 9. Speak four of Dali. While 5 were Georgians, Ukrainians 4, one all Balts, 4 French, etc. others took such a position in the list for performances that chance to act within the allotted time did not exist. I recently won an honorable place in the list. 101st.

3.Gruziny Ukrainians completely broke down on the obscene abuse. Insults against Russia, its leadership and members of the delegation, fantastic charges and outright lies have become quite common.

11 April 2014

Tbilisi burned tape wreath laid Slovak delegation, confusing the Russian
“And, behold, there are last who will be first, and there are first who will be last” - Luke

• In Georgia, a meeting was held for the deployment of Russian troops »»»
Rally for accommodation in Georgia of the Russian military was held on Thursday in the center of East Georgia - in Telavi on the initiative of the organization "Socialist Georgia".
• Getsadze: Wanted by Interpol ex-Minister of Georgia advises Kiev »»»
Former Justice Minister Zurab Adeishvili wanted by Interpol, advises the Ukrainian government, said Deputy Justice Minister Gia Getsadze.
• Saakashvili: The new Cabinet is made up of second-rate and third-rate people »»»
Not the best candidates to be included in the new government.
• Ukrainians trust Saakashvili and Yarosh more than Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk »»»
Ukrainians have high hopes for the governor of the Odessa region.
• Yushchenko could open a criminal case. General Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal investigation into arms sales to Georgia. »»»
Attorney General’s Office, having examined the material provided by the Commission of Inquiry to investigate arms supplies to Georgia, initiated a number of criminal cases.