The war in the Crimea. Fear, ambition and power overshadow junta mind

Just a week left before the Crimean Sevastopol referendum on self-determination. Can interfere with expression of the will of the people is the escalation of the armed conflict on the part of the Kiev junta? - Expert opinion.

March 16 referendum will be held under the supervision of international observers reported March 10 Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. According to him, it will confirm the legitimacy of the will of the citizens of the autonomous republic. The costs of the referendum will be about $ 1.8 million, he said in his Twitter account. The money is already there, the chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov, they were received as financial assistance from the regions of the Russian Federation.

Opinion of Russia’s Western partners against referendum for self Crimea is uniquely determined. Even the closest of all the “colleagues” Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called it “unconstitutional” and contrary to international law. Russian Foreign Minister rhetoric about “Kosovo precedent” and “Scottish perspective” are not perceived and will not be taken into account. However, all parties would know that the referendum will predict the results and understand that the issue of how to make his decision will be the subject of a long diplomatic bargaining.

However, another development. During this week’s visit to the U.S., Yatsenyuk can get “good” on the armed suppression of the so-called “Hearth Crimean separatism.” Visit is necessary to get, including guarantees of personal safety, because the Hague tribunal has just confirmed its competence regarding Ukraine.

Such rotation and considers it likely Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleg Tsarev. According to him, “until the sixteenth number, before the referendum, the invasion of Ukrainian troops in the Crimea will be uniquely” - he said in the social network Facebook. Oleg Tsarev “did not want to believe in such a scenario. I’ve said that Ukraine are in such a scenario, I have done everything that this scenario was not implemented. Bids grow. Someday have to answer for the deaths and injuries on the Maidan. During raped Constitution , in a devastated economy, for dismemberment of the country. And if you start a war - and then for the new dead. ”

Indeed, to hold a referendum at the time of armed aggression is very difficult. However, experience has demonstrated the possibility of Syria, and such a development. After all, as in Syria in December 2012, and in the Crimea, and so now all understand that recognizing the legitimacy of the referendum from the West and not wait for the question remains only the possibility of its implementation, namely the turnout at the polls.

10 March 2014

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