EU has forced Georgia to recognize gay marriage and open borders for its citizens - Opinion

Head of Georgian non-governmental organization “The right for all” Zurab Jorbenadze believes that an association agreement, which was initialed by the Government of Georgia and the European Union at the Vilnius summit of the Eastern Partnership, in the case of signing and ratifying it will lead to disastrous consequences for Georgia. As Zurab Jorbenadze IA REGNUM, the text of the Association Agreement with the EU was not developed under the current government of Georgia, it was Mikhail Saakashvili’s government, and this document impose such obligations on Georgia that are unacceptable to the Georgian public.
“The question arises: why the government did not publish the document translated into the Georgian language? I asked and turned that part of the agreement, which is to know the people of Georgia. This document has been compiled during the reign of” United National Movement “and contains the commitments which are detrimental to Georgia “- said Jorbenadze.
According to his information, the Association Agreement with the EU obliges the Government of Georgia to adopt the amendments to the existing legislation, which will have to legalize gay marriage. In addition, according to Jorbenadze the same agreement, the Government of Georgia shall accept changes to the legislation, which equate all religious minorities the rights of the Orthodox majority. Association Agreement also obliges Georgia open their borders to citizens of 27 EU member states, which, according to Zurab Jorbenadze further exacerbate the already difficult demographic situation in Georgia.
It should be noted that similar concerns about the effects of the agreement on association with the EU and other representatives expressed the Georgian public and Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia addressed the issue in his traditional Christmas message, some phrases which caused a great stir in society. Ilia II addressed to the European Union and urged him not to impose Georgian citizens ideals of sexual minorities. “The EU must take into account our traditional views and should not be alien to us to spread the ideals of gay marriage and gay families,” - says the message of the Patriarch.
Meanwhile, fears of Georgian society has already responded EU Ambassador to Georgia Philip Dimitrov. In an interview with the Georgian newspaper “Kviris Palette” he dismissed the notion that Europe can impose Georgia recognition of gay marriage. “Nobody forces you to forget and abandon their values. Tolerance just means respect for all traditions and attempts to do so no one feels oppressed. I’ve heard several times, allegedly Europe Georgia impose same-sex marriage.’s Not true! Nobody forces you legalize gay marriage, to join the EU. Especially that such marriages are allowed only in a few countries of the European Union. But at the same time, Georgia should realize that homosexuality - is not a crime, and to treat it with understanding, “- said Dimitrov .

11 January 2014

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