Georgia will help ensure the safety of Russian Olympics in Sochi

Georgian authorities have said they are interested in the success of the Winter Olympics in 2014 and ready to help Russia in ensuring their safety. However, in Sochi from Georgia will go only athletes: the authorities are still boycotting all official events at the Olympic Games. The details of Tbilici - the correspondent of “Kommersant” Georgy Dvali.

“Georgia - the only country that borders on the territory where the Olympics are held,” - said “b” Minister for Reconciliation and civil equality Zakareishvili, thereby making it clear that it still considers Abkhazia, bordering Sochi region, an integral part of their country.

The decision of the Georgian side to send the Olympic team for the Games Minister argued that “it is not the Russian Olympic and Olympiad held in Russia.” In addition, he said, “in Russia’s North Caucasus was a difficult situation and in the interests of Georgia contribute to the successful implementation of a unique international project Sochi-2014″.

According to Mr. Zakareishvili Georgia is interested in maintaining peace and stability in the Caucasus: “Since in this case, our country is rapidly integrating into European and Euro-Atlantic structures.” “That’s why we are ready to fully contribute to the success of the Games,” - explained the source of “Kommersant”.

Commenting on calls by some non-profit organizations and opposition parties do not send in Sochi Olympic team in protest against the “occupation of the Georgian territories of native Russian, Abkhazia and South Ossetia,” Zakareishvili said that sporting events “have nothing to do with the conflict.” Boycott Games “would be directed not against Russia, but against the International Olympic Committee as their organizer.”

9 January 2014

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