Saakashvili compared Putin to hijackers

Former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili compared Ukraine with an airplane that captured Russian leader Vladimir Putin. About this he wrote on his page on Facebook.

“The situation in Ukraine reminds me of the big plane in which passengers have announced that they are about to land at the destination airport, but a few minutes before landing the plane captures a terrorist and asks the captain to change direction,” - says Saakashvili. He further explained that under the “hijackers” implies Vladimir Putin, and that “passengers trapped them highly desirable to rebuff.” As an example of how to “keep” the Russian leader, former president of Georgia leads “Evromaydan” - protest action, which is currently being held in Kiev. Its members, said Saakashvili, do not give Putin “to change the direction of their large and beautiful airplane.”

In early December, Saakashvili personally visited Kiev. He arrived in the Georgian delegation, supported by the participants’ Evromaydana. ” During his visit, the former president of Georgia has repeatedly criticized Putin’s policies, claiming that he wants to “grab” and Ukraine, it is distant from Europe, “blackmail” of local politicians.

In recent years, Saakashvili has repeatedly acted with criticizing the Russian leadership. For example, in January 2011, he compared Russia with “crocodile who is willing to swallow his country.”

Mass rally in support of European integration and the resignation of the current leadership of the country, headed by Viktor Yanukovych held in Ukraine from late November. Rallies were provoked the authorities’ refusal to sign the association agreement with the EU. On the Independence Square in Kiev protesters smashed the tent city. Once a week in the area carried out “Popular Assembly” (December 15, participated in it, according to the Interior Ministry, about 20,000 people).

16 December 2013

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Tbilisi newspaper "Kviris Kronika" ("Chronicle of the week") announced on December 2 arrival in Kiev former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.
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