Georgian media reported the arrival of Saakashvili in Kiev (wife of the ex-president of Georgia says that “full of energy”)

Tbilisi newspaper “Kviris Kronika” (”Chronicle of the week“) announced on December 2 arrival in Kiev former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who for several weeks does not appear in the homeland. He left her shortly before the inauguration of President George Margvelashvili (”Georgian Dream”).

The author, columnist edition Samharadze Nino said “News” that “probably Saakashvili intends to share experiences with the revolutionary leaders of the Ukrainian opposition.” However, more accurate information about the plans of former Georgian president in Kiev and his meetings there.

Since Saakashvili in the Ukrainian capital is the former leader of Adjara Levan Varshalomidze - a classmate of the former head of the Kiev University of Georgia. In addition, there was allegedly seen grandmother Saakashvili Mziyu Tsereteli.

November 23 in Georgia with no pomposity recalled the events of that day 10 years ago, in 2003, Saakashvili after the “Rose Revolution” led the country. According to recent reports, the former president was in the U.S. with his eldest son. His wife, Sandra Roelofs Dutch - in his homeland with the youngest.

December 1 in social networks Roelofs wrote that Saakashvili “feels that the people of Georgia need to relax a little from him.” At the same time, it claims, the spouse “is full of energy, does not get tired.”

2 December 2013

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