Rearmament of Georgia on the eve of the war in South Ossetia paid Chubais

In August 2008, during the armed conflict in South Ossetia, according to Deputy Chief of General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn, killed 74 Russian soldiers, and 171 were injured. The exact number of casualties on the South Ossetian side, including civilians, are still not exactly calculated … “Few people know that on the eve of the war, Georgia was able to re-equip its army,” - writes

According to the publication, February 8, 2007 between the Government of Georgia and the Czech company “Energo-Pro” was signed on the privatization of the assets of eight (of nine) of energy facilities of Georgia. The transaction value was $ 427 million (of which the agreement has received $ 132 million in the budget of Georgia, $ 120 million was to be spent on construction of new hydroelectric power stations, and $ 175 million were to be invested in the rehabilitation of the distribution and generation facilities).

“$ 132 million received in the budget of Georgia from the sale of power plants, almost all have been spent on arms purchases. Again, the agreement for the sale of energy assets was signed on February 8, 2007. And on February 16 the leader of” Georgian Way ‘Salome Zurabishvili protested the deal, unveiling information that Energo Pro is affiliated with the company “Falcon Capitals”, which was a real buyer of the assets of Georgian, because that’s “Falcon Capitals” paid for the deal, “- said in the article.

Zourabichvili - a citizen of France, from March 2004 to October 2005 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, and prior to that appointment - French Foreign Ministry staff, and the beneficial owners named “Falcon Capitals”, saying that it was “a former GRU officer Paata Mamaladze and Anatoly Chubais and other Russian businessmen. “

6 August 2012

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