The Circassians extinguish the Olympic flame

Last weekend in London have been holding protests against the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The demonstrators blocked a Circassi[t:tag slug=cherkes]Circassian flag the entrance to the Olympic Sochi-Park and demanded transfer of the Games to another country. Among the protesters were a few activists from the U.S., dressed in national costumes Circassian. Circassian expert told GTimes, that the role of the United States and Europe are not leading.

In the north of the State of New Jersey is the largest part of the so-called “Circassian cluster” the United States. In this cluster includes the town Totowa. At the end of last week there was a meeting of young Circassian activists. One of the main topics was the demonstration in London against the holding of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 - the so-called place of “genocide of the Circassians.” The participants decided to send to London a group of eight people to keep protesters out of Europe. “This is our chance to tell the world about what happened to us” - said before leaving for the U.S. Circassian Dana Vodzhoh. “The true story of Sochi - our story. That which we say, you will not find anywhere else” - quoted her electronic newspaper

Some information about the Circassian cluster of New Jersey. It lives a little more than five thousand Circassians from all over the world: Syria, Turkey, Jordan. In the town of Paterson Circassians live in the Golan Heights, who left there in 1967. Israel is for them - the aggressor country, but far more complaints from them by Russia. In their claims to the Russian Federation are united all the Circassians of New Jersey. Upon learning that the Olympics will be the capital of the White Sochi, their anti-Russian sentiment has risen sharply. “Skiing, where our ancestors were killed - blasphemous,” - said to have referred to Dana Vodzhoh American media in the summer of 2012.
The younger generation of American Circassians now live “’s anti-” idea. Meetings - only part of their protest. The ideological front against the Circassian communities abroad - is, of course, politics and community of experts.

31 July 2012

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