Do you want to improve their living conditions? Bring you to put in a Georgian prison

Gldani prison and remand center on the outskirts of Tbilisi - the largest in Georgia, there are about four thousand people. The penitentiary system of Georgia, is constantly criticized by the opposition and human rights activists, is subjected to the same stringent changes in the time the Georgian police. Out of prison facilities carefully knocked the spirit of “thug zone” order here, given the contingent of “inmates” are very tough, but fair. Theft laws are destroyed in the bud. That describes the situation in Georgian prisons and in areas of the witnesses:

“The only type of behavior, which rolls, it is the cultural and human. Are you going to behave culturally, to the extent talkative and active, you will live in a neat and clean environment - and no problems. Contingent, of course, is different and sometimes do need to stand up for themselves not only in word but in his fist. Such incidents administration learns immediately and severely punished. For this you do not have informers everywhere camera. So the situation has changed dramatically in recent years, some 10 years ago, with the money to the area can be everything to eat well, drink, drugs and even to place Shmarov marriage was not a problem. We all have phones and Svidanka were full-time and poorly controlled. Now it’s all in history and it is simply impossible. ”

In prison, I was number 8 led director David heap, taciturn Georgians severe form. Photograph allowed only in public office, and at the entrance to the prison itself the camera away, and then sending the photos taken by “their” photographer for the news magazine of the Ministry of Corrections, Probation and Legal Assistance. Away for nothing - I have removed all the same, I saw with my own eyes and it would be virtually no different from that sent to me by mail. Well, in another monastery with its charter did not go.

The theater begins with a wardrobe, and Gldani prison number 8 - with the public reception. This is the entrance to the prison, here come the relatives and loved ones and the defendants are serving life sentences.
Standard camera. In the one where I was, there was no fruit on the table. Toilet in a cell in a separate room behind the door.

27 July 2012

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