Georgian media suddenly reminded of the national roots of one of the best scorers of Euro 2012, Alan Dzagoev, who scored three goals as the German national team striker Mario Gomez.

“In the person we lost the second Dzagoeva Gutsaeva Vladimir (aka the USSR national team striker and Tbilisi” Dinamo “Ossetian origin),” - said the local edition of the “resonance”.

Media remind us that before the end of the 80 family father Dzagoeva Tariel, while bearing the name Zagashvili, lived in the Akhmeta district of Georgia, where he was born the first son - Gela.

In the late 80’s began the first of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, and many Ossetians fled Georgia.

Georgian media write about the interest on the part of Dzagoeva “Juventus”, “Real” and “Chelsea”.

The moral of this story is very simple. No need to start a civil war, and then goes around comes around.

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